Praise for Brian Gulliver’s Travels 

‘A modern tale that keeps the flavour of the original classic, cleverly managing to provoke both laughter and thought’

Ian Hislop

‘Allusive, relevant, full of surprises, satirical. … A truly Swiftian satire on modern life… It is marvellous.’

The Daily Telegraph

‘Highly entertaining’  

The Observer

‘A nightmare worthy of J G Ballard’  

The Times

‘The point of Bill Dare’s highly original format is to both satirise and issue a warning… funny and thought-provoking’                    

The Stage

‘Was driving down the M40 just now listening to the radio, and I came across Brian Gulliver’s Travels. It was terrific! Dammit, I got home and couldn’t get out of the car…’     

John Lloyd, originator of QI, Spitting Image and Blackadder

Praise for Bill Dare’s writing

‘Dare’s play is neatly written and deftly performed… just when you think it’s going to be a thriller it blossoms into a touching love story.’ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (Touch)

‘The comedy is tinged with mystery and even poignancy… the play’s emotional texture is palpable.’

The Independent (Touch)

‘The dialogue crackles and fizzes in compelling fashion’

Metro (Touch)

‘Dare’s writing is rattling and quick. Laced with wit and humour… Dark, poignant… heart-warming’

The Scotsman (Touch)

‘Good new writing that manages pretty much simultaneously to be a Hitchcockian psychological drama, a romcom and a short thesis on logic and philosophy’

British Theatre Guide (Touch)

‘Superb black comedy. Very funny…’

Evening Standard (You’re Breaking Up, BBC 2)

‘Quite brilliant.’

The Times (You’re Breaking Up, BBC 2)

‘This is hilarious from start to finish. If you’re not laughing by the end of chapter one, you must be an EastEnders script writer.’ 

OK Magazine (Natural Selection, Novel.)

‘Witty, well-acted and at times moving, this is a sharp script.’

What’s On Stage, Re: Misconception.

‘Has more twists than a curly-wurly… a funny, clever baked Alaska of a play – warm and sweet on the outside, ice cold at its heart.’

The Scotsman (Misconception)

‘Misconception is a smartly scripted comedy of modern manners that proves that in the battle of the sexes everyone suffers a few flesh wounds …it strikes a pleasing balance between quiet introspection and belly laughs.’

Metro (Misconception)

‘Laugh-out-loud stuff.’

Heat Magazine  (Natural Selection)

‘Funny and sad. I recommend this book.’

John O’Farrell (Natural Selection)

‘Dare’s comedy credentials are impeccable. This is classic romantic comedy in which the gags come thick and fast…’

The Daily Mirror (Natural Selection)

‘Pure radio drama. It was a pleasure to lend both ears entirely’ 

Daily Telegraph (Barker Belgrave and Bigweed)

‘Gripping drama.’

The Times (Barker Belgrave and Bigweed)