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The new novel by the critically acclaimed writer and producer Bill Dare

Brian Gulliver's Travels by Bill Dare - book cover

Brian Gulliver’s Travels

By Bill Dare

Published 4th July 2013 by Pilrig Press

Paperback RRP £7.99 

Available to buy on Amazon now

About The Book

Based on the acclaimed satirical radio series, Brian Gulliver is lost in strange lands where he encounters wondrous beings and peculiar civilisations.

In a country ruled by doctors, every form of human foible can be blamed on a syndrome or condition. There is no right or wrong, only ‘symptomatic behaviour’.

Brian escapes from the doctors to a forest, where he’s captured by intelligent pigs who put him in a human farm. (Luckily for Brian, it’s free range and organic.)

Satirising everything from marriage and celebrity culture to altruism and religion, Bill Dare leaves little safe from his uncompromising wit. You’ll laugh, you’ll think, you’ll be taken on a great adventure.


Praise for Brian Gulliver’s Travels

‘A modern tale that keeps the flavour of the original classic, cleverly managing to provoke both laughter - and thought.’
Ian Hislop
‘Allusive, relevant, full of surprises, satirical. … A truly Swiftian satire on modern life and very funny’
The Daily Telegraph
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